Pursuit of Mastery

This Changes Everything!

Your Life Just Got Easier!

How Do You Get More Out of Everything You Do?

"Mastery is the fastest way to 10x your goals, without having to work 10x as hard"

Welcome to 'The Pursuit of Mastery' Website! Our community is very pleased you've found us... What is the Pursuit of Mastery? It's a process of becoming the very best you, you can and will become.  The Pursuit of Mastery is a game you play to evolve and understand more thoroughly exactly where you are in each of the 12 Areas of Mastery improve and attain all the goals you've ever wanted out of life. Not sure what you want? That's okay the Pursuit of Mastery will definitely give you a great understanding of What you want, What you do not want, and how to attain your ultimate vision whatever it may be...

Blake Goodwin
Game Developer

Not enjoyment,
and not sorrow,
Is our destined end or way;
But to act, that each tomorrow,
Find us farther than today.