I enjoy taking excellent care of my health and body. Each day I see improvements and results. I am accountable to myself and I am taking both the right Actions and very importantly Non Actions. I Love my Body so I am careful to take care of my Body its the only one I have. Everyday in Everyway my Body and Health just keeps getting better and better.  

GOAL: 222 lbs

By June 3rd 2023

I am a Salad Samurai

I Eat A Healthy Yummy Salad Everyday and look and feel fantastic because I am making healthy life choices to become the very best version of myself.

I Swim Often

3 to 4 times a week minimum I swim this helps me sleep better, increase metabolism, breath deeper, meditate better, and numerous other health benefits.

I Enjoy Yoga

An absolute Minimum of 1x per week I enjoy yoga this helps my body stay in optimal condition and enhance my mood + the stretching is super good for my body. I love Yoga!